Instagram Animated Series for Teens about Relationships, Education and Mental Health
Meet Puberty! The main character. Puberty is emotional and changeful. But with each episode becoming more and more mature and confident!

Puberty goes through all the confusing stages of growing up, long-distance relationships, exposure to diversity, confusing situations. He reacts to everything with bright emotions that constantly change his form. But in the end, Puberty can become anyone, since it symbolizes every teenager.

Enjoy the sweet details
Every adventure starts with an idea, every animated series starts with a storyboard!
Oksana Kurmaz:  Illustrator, Animation Director, Storyboard
Stanislav Kolesnikov: Sound Design, Zvoolab Audio

Viktor Shkurba: Creative Director, [isdgroup]
Oksana Gonchar: Creative Group Head, [isdgroup]
Oleksandra Dyvnych: Copywriter, [isdgroup]
Nina Dmytriyeva: Copywriter, [isdgroup]
Yulia Ivakina: Copywriter, [isdgroup]
Svitlana Myronchuk: Account Director, [isdgroup]
Yaroslava Sidorchuk: Project Team Lead, [isdgroup]
Daryna Vashchuk: Account Manager, [isdgroup]
Iryna Lipavska: Graphic Designer, [isdgroup]
Michael Traverse: Strategic Director, [Reiseplan]
Alina Revenko: Strategist & Psychologist, [isdgroup]
Glib Andrushyn: Strategist, [Reiseplan]
Dariia Boiko: Strategist, [Reiseplan]
Maria Kochmaruk: Media Director, [Hashtag]
Kateryna Kaniuk: Account Manager, [Hashtag]
Olga Fedii: Project Manager, [Hashtag]
Margarita Izhko: Designer, [Hashtag]
Roman Kostenko: Media manager, [Hashtag]

Liudmyla Shevtsova:  Project Associate, Youth, UNFPA Ukraine
Nataliia Martynenko:  Programme Analyst, Youth/HIV, UNFPA Ukraine
Maryna Semenenko:  Communication and Media Associate, UNFPA Ukraine
Alona Zubchenko: Communications and Advocacy, UNFPA Ukraine

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