​​​​​​​OKEAN ELZY: Official Music Video
Real feelings are nourished by sensitivity, attention, and tenderness. In the race for stability and success, it is so easy to forget to feed this pet, to caress and scratch behind the ear. Easy to forget, but impossible to lose! Love is not so easy to scare away, it will show the way and put everything in its place. Maybe just a little nap is enough?

GIF Collection

Initial Sketches

Director, Script, Artist — Oksana Kurmaz
Production Studio — ANIMOGRAD
Producer — Yegor Olesov, Yana Medvedeva 
Animation — Hanna Dudko, Nadiya Limova, Oksana Kurmaz, Hanna Kryvonis, Denys Chernysh
Composing, Editing, Motion Design — Denys Chernysh
Editing Superviser — Andrii Danilchyk

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