Pubertat (means Puberty) is a name of a digital project of informal sexual education for teenagers. 
It was created and launched for ukrainian teenagers during the war in Ukraine by [isdgroup] agency and UNFPA Ukraine. The goal of the project was to talk to teenagers about serious things of adolescence in a tone that would not cause stress or make feel boring. So think up a non-formal education indead.
Pubertat is a character: not he, not she - but the state of "adolescence". Awkward, shy, somewhat funny and fickle. Teenage mood swings were conveyed literally: Pubertat is changing forms in videos as a reaction to unpredictable life situation. It may take shape of a round ball swollen from the insult, in the next scene - an angry spiky hedgehog, and later - a fantasy image of the "adult self".

Beneath I will show the process how I created the character:)
Long process of finding the most Pubertaty forms on one artboard

Pubertat has no vivid hands, no gender, no clothing and actually does not look like a human. Because it is a state. But I thought it needs to have legs to get itself into troubles and eyes to recognize these troubles. It actually does not need a mouth as it usually communicate with mumbling or texting. Hands? only if needed. 

Animated sketch of Pubertat shapes. Very unstable)

Storyboard for the first serie "Pubertat and the Beauty Standards"

And here where magic begins with traditional frame-by-frame animation. I worked with amazing 2d animator and we agreed to give by means of animation the feeling that the serie was done not by an adult, but by a teenager. Who has simply overcome all the problems and knows a bit more. Illustrations also are made in a way that Pubertat would do -  fun and somewhat chaotic, concentrating only on things that are interesting at the moment.

Some teasers 

First animation is about beauty standards

Second serie is about private borders

Third serie is about hygiene


Creative Director — Viktor Shkurba
Direction & Design — Maryna Kizilova
Idea – Oksana Gonchar
Copy & scenario — Yulia Ivakina
Animation & Illustration — Oksana Kurmaz
Sound Direction — Stanislav Kolesnikov
Project Manager — Yaroslava Sydorchuk

Thank you for watching
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